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The Basic Keys to Establishing a Successful Restaurant

Even before an aspiring culinary entrepreneur decides to put on paper his or her business plans, the statistics he or she will face may not be too promising: 9 out of 10 new restaurants fold in their first year. Shown this grim reality, many will be discouraged in pursuing their vision – or worse, give up on their chosen career.

If you're really intent on starting a new eatery, you need to think of the long-term. However, banking on a sizeable seed capital may not be enough to oil your machine in the long run. When you want your startup restaurant to succeed, you have to make sure that you'll ace in the following areas:


The fact of the matter is that restaurants don't earn a lot from individual sales. Nevertheless a meagre profit margin may be enough to keep the place afloat or to afford them a state-of-the-art bakery equipment in a few months. For that profit to be realised, one has to manage costs that usually come from food and labour. One way to accomplish this is to reinforce serving sizes or send home employees when business is slow.


People come to your restaurant for this reason and if you don't do well in serving them a dish that's worth paying for, don't expect your eatery to thrive. While this doesn't mean that you have your fastfood chain serve a dish with 4-star quality, you still have to prepare them something that tastes good. In most cases, giving them anything substandard can spread the wrong kind of word-of-mouth – essentially sending your restaurant to its doom.


In reality, going to a restaurant isn't simply a gastronomic experience. It should be a feast for the senses. Indeed, every successful restaurant boast about having an environment that suits the menu they serve and the customers they wish to attract.

When you plan to run a place for fine dining, make sure your restaurant offers upscale food that matches its elegant ambience. If you want to run a pizzeria that aims to attract teens or young adults, go for a stylish, colourful, and modern atmosphere that should match their avant-garde expectations.

Staff and Customer Service

Without efficient managers and cooperative employees, your restaurant can come to a grinding halt. Of course, you or any aspiring chefs don't want that. In order for your eatery to compete with other more established names, your workforce needs to operate at a high level. Poor service and a lack of attention to detail can usually result into poor sales.

However, simply hiring qualified individuals won't suffice in bringing in capable workers. You, as the owner, should also ensure that your kitchen is sufficiently equipped with dishwashers, ovens, food preparation tools, refrigerators, and other essential cooking apparatus so your employees will have everything they need to fulfil their individual functions effectively. 

Running a restaurant may be no walk in the park but being able to focus your energy on the essentials can keep your eye on the primary goal no matter the circumstances.

In the end, there's only one thing you need to remind yourself: do everything in your power to keep your customers happy and you can be confident that they'll keep patronising your restaurant.

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