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Bounce Back or Avoid Small Business Failure - Secrets to Small Business Savings and Bouncing Back From Failure

Why You're Here

Your business may be falling to bits and pieces, slowly, but surely, as you read this article right now. I hope this is not the case, matter of fact, I am the kind of person who wishes the best to all small business owners because I for an instance, knows what it is like to see your business crash slowly but surely. The fact of the matter is, it is not your fault, you do not know everything that is out there which you can be doing right now that will potentially save you thousands and your business its life.

What's Likely happening to You

If you had not known this, 90% of businesses fail within the first twelve months of start-up. The number one cause for small businesses going under is the high operating costs. The business term is overhead, either way, overhead/operating costs are a killer. They wait patiently, stalking you and your business for the moment you become most vulnerable and it attacks you viciously without remorse gutting the very lifeblood of your business - your cash, your hard earned money. It threatens you as you decide which investments to make for your business - so that it may flourish into the successful empire you have always imagined it would be - with higher costs with each decision, your resources are running thin, your business is not on the track you wanted it to be but it has your money on ransom. The vicious cycle of invest to reap without reaping to make another investment in order to reap does not seem to stop. The end result, you end up broke, and your business goes under. However, by the grace of who ever it is you believe in, a beacon of hope shined down upon the darkened fields of business failure and revealed a solution. And I have it right here stated in this article. Hallelujah!

Here it is

What you have to do is quite simple. You may know this, (in which if you do, you should find yourself a really hard rock and fall on it face first because you waited until the last moment to save your business) or you may not know this, but there are memberships you can apply for that will not only include massive cuts to your businesses operating costs, but it will also pay you in return! I assure you this is no lie. I do not have the guts to lie to you about such a thing.

Insider Memberships

These memberships will give you access to products and services which not only guarantee you incredible savings. But because you have them and will be using them to run your business you will be paying yourself! In other words, you simply become a customer of your own. Thanks to the incredible power of the internet, you can go online right now and search membership savings and you will find a variety of special savings you can incur right now.


If you are a business owner with retail space, then you will definitely want to consider additional ways to first off, cut your essential costs. Namely, your gas & electricity bill. If you had not known this, one of the highest expenses, if not the highest expense is the utility bill. There are services out there that can reduce your utility costs by up to 20% after you made a 100% efficiency switch and after you have had audits and experts come in, assuming you have already taken those steps of course.

Use the Right Equipment

There are other simple steps you can take to reducing this heavy cost. You can reduce your 100 watts to 60 watt fluorescent, this is an upfront average cost of $37 but over the course of the year can save you up to $157 per year or more, depending on how many bulbs you swap.

Commonly Regulate the Temperature in Your Environment

If you already have high-tech thermostats installed, being sure to pay attention to setting appropriate timers can cause up to 15% of additional savings. You may also want to take a look into going green, this will total up to an additional 8% of savings. Assuming you do everything right, you can incur savings totaled up to nearly 40% on likely your highest operating cost!

Although this is specifically meant to help you to cut arguably one of your most expensive operating cost, you can easily take these tips home and do the same, potentially doubling your gains, hence doubling your breathing space. Whether you decide to take this extra created money to spend on leisure or even make that investment for your business which you could not afford earlier is up to you.

However, if you are going to make another investment for your business you may want to consider all of your options, you do not want to end up where you were before your made these excellent changes to your business or home, or even both for that matter. or that would put you up a creek I personally prefer to stay out and away from, I only help others to do the same.

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