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Techniques Used By An Advertising Agency In Modern Times

In the modern world, with the rapid growth in technology, brands, lifestyle, etc., it is very important to sell and promote the products and services of your business effectively. The traditional methods of television, radio and newspaper are just not enough, anymore. The creative minds of modern day advertisers have to be quick, smart and efficient. They have created new ways and have gone above and beyond the old traditional ways. These days, any advertising agency provides all the services and uses specialized techniques, to promote your brand adequately.

Some of the latest techniques used by these advertisers are as follows:

Consumer Advertising - This technique is informative as well as persuasive in nature. It is used by a full service advertising agency, to advertise the FMC (Fast moving consumer goods). This technique is used in every medium like C.V., radio, newspaper, internet, etc. Consumer ads are done to pull in the customers who buy products like soaps, shampoos, biscuits etc., on a regular basis.

Industrial Advertising - The manufactures and distributors of industrial products demand for this technique to target industrial buyers. Products like plant and machinery, fabricated machine parts, raw materials, etc., can be promoted. Industrial advertisements are seen on trade publications, and attracts factory owners and businessmen, on a large scale.

Financial Advertising - This technique is used by the financial industry to advertise financial products like bank loans, mutual funds, shares, etc. These type of advertisements are seen in newspapers, magazines, theaters, and now-a-days, outdoor advertising is also used. Financial advertisements are not only issued by the advertisers, but also by the banks. This type of advertising educates the audience on any financial matters.

Political Advertising - This technique is used by politicians to gain votes. It is specially done on mass media, and generally targets the common man. It is a new trend of gaining votes by the political parties. The demand for this political advertisements are high, especially around the time of elections. This technique is a challenge to agencies, as they have to think of an ad campaign carefully, keeping in mind the sentiments of the people of that area.

These are the various techniques in which the product is advertised by any creative ad agency. There are many other techniques to advertise products, according to the category that they belong to, like lifestyle, BB, classifieds, retails, etc. These techniques are used in the present competitive markets to target the appropriate audience and increase the sales of products and services for your business.

Jason Ego has studied the details of a full service advertising agency, and has noted the techniques used by advertisers to promote their products and services effectively.

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Monitoring Software

Fancy monitoring your printing budget? Well, then expand your horizon further and include the resources and the usage of the printer. Monitoring and decreasing your printer budget involves a lot of attention to details and accurate check on activities surrounding your printer. A low budget efficient printer is not the solution to curb your printing needs. A low budget efficient printer may on the other hand double your expenses manifold if not monitored. The printer usage monitoring software allows corporate to monitor exactly what is being printed, how much is being printed and which employee is printing. This can help the administrators to even find out if an employee is using the printer for reasons that are outside of work. A printer usage monitoring software helps you in the following ways:
1. Easy Monitor:
This software is easy to use and allows administrators to have complete control over the company€™s printing. It allows the administrators to have a complete tracking of printer usage. The software works with any number of printers and the activity of printers can be monitored in a centralized or highly organized manner.
2. Save Money:
The software will help in tracking the usage of the printer. Unnecessary printing can be minimized and this can help you to save a lot of expenses that is incurred on ink and paper.
3. Manage:
The software allows you to easily identify any over usage and therefore allow you to plan out a schedule for your company budget so that you DNA€™t have to worry about ink, paper or cartridges. The easy tracking of the real usage of every network allows you to re-route all print jobs on the network instead of having to get an additional printer. You can plan the printing budget of every department with this software.
The costs that are incurred over an unmonitored printer can break any scale. It is important that you keep a close check on the activities around your printer. This software will help you to curb your costs and manage your printing activities in office.
The e-commerce bazaar is jam-packed of companies that shell out the impeccable deals in economical prices. Each one of these Doppelganger companies in their rush to outmaneuver others also adorns their deals with sale-boosting trinkets. The question here is, why choose to trade with Off?
Yes, we are also an e-commerce company and we do shell out impeccable deals at economical prices. What makes us stand apart is that we are not a part of the berserk race to win patron trust. Team Off believes that our efforts make our standard statement, our products makes our quality statement and our honest dealings prove our authenticity. With the basics of business etiquette in place we gracefully excuse us from the rush.

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Perfect Holsters - The Conclusion

Guns can be used for self-defense and also of offensive reasons. Many professionals keep a personal gun in order to protect themselves from any issue. A good quality Gun holster is always required by the professionals in order to satisfy their needs. The sidearm holster can be used to tie the gun with arm which is very much feasible for the quick response. Most people also keep an extra magazine pouch to keep the magazines and extra bullets that are required during any emergency. Police and military personnel love to wear shoulder holster and also the ankle holster mainly because of some reason. First reason is that these are very quick and responsive places where you can fetch your gun out. Because the duty gear is the best way to attach the Smith&Wesson holster together with your body so there is an rise in the need for best gears. The Fobs holster can also be considered not only as a best protective pouch but also gives you a satisfaction that the weapon is attached with your body. Present post will talk about some of the aspects which are related to using concealed carry holster and the duty holster. The present article will also tell you about some of the quick facts about the protection of Gun holster. This article is informative for all those people who are interested a new sidearm holster.

There are some qualities of excellent magazine pouch and shoulder holster. First is that it ought to be according to the shape of your weapon. Small or large ankle holster will not prove to be helpful because of the wrong placement. The duty gear can also be all in one kind of belt which contains Smith&Wesson holster along with other pouches for more than protection. Another quality of Fobs holster is that it should be made up of good material. Leather is recognized as one of the finest materials from which concealed carry holster is made. This is very much fashionable as compared to duty holster. Most of the people fail to take care of Gun holster. Some tips can prolong the life of your sidearm holster.

When the holster or magazine pouch consists of some leather then you should use the leather refreshing sprays. In this manner you will be able to keep the shoulder holster in the best possible manner. The ankle holster can also be used by some people because of the ease to make use of this one. It depends upon your decision that how much items you add in your duty gear. The Smith&Wesson holster is the best choice for the experts because these are long lasting and comfortable when compared with other brands. Professionals prefer concealed carry holster for a better holding of the weapons.

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The One Essential Action You Must Take To Be Successful Advertising Your Firm At A Trade Show

Question: I am the marketing director for a small but fast-growing company. We'd like to attend some trade shows to expand our visibility, but we don't want to put the cart before the horse and have no return-on-investment going to an expensive trade show, especially with the cost of trade show booth graphics and displays. How should we perfect our sales and marketing so that when we do attend a trade show, we have maximum impact at an event such as this?
Answer: Great question! Most companies we deal with don't think of this topic in advance, or at least not far enough in advance to not waste loads of hard to come by cash.
If you have not yet engaged in any form of direct marketing to consumers, whether it be via the web, periodicals, trade journals, or television, now would be a great time to begin, especially as it will hone your best marketing messages to a tee before you spend $10K, $25K, or $50K ramping up for a big trade show.
If you are a decent copywriter, as you know, a good headline is necessary to get people to open their wallets to purchase your goods or services or both. The way we recommend to learn what messages resonate with your clients is to run some advertisements in various venues such as a newspaper or magazine to start with. Place a special offer with a code in your ad so as to ascertain how many readers per thousand are responding to your ad.
So, for instance, let's say your company offers window washing services to businesses. You could run an ad that has a headline "Windows So Clean, You'll May Not Know They're There." You might add a testimonial or two in the ad, then make a special offer such as 25% off your first window cleaning, and when a client calls in to schedule a window washing, they give you the code, which is noted in a log, and now you know how effective that ad is. Of course, how do you know if your ad could've done better? Great question again.
The way to know is run one or more ads simultaneously in the same periodical or other periodicals with similar readership with other headlines and supporting copy and testimonials, and keep a log of what codes all incoming callers are using. Within a couple months, if you've run two or more ad campaigns, you should know which ad is pulling the best.
If you want to continue to fine tune your headlines and copy, take that winner and pit it against some more similar but different ads. Again, within a month or two, you should have a clear winner. Rinse and repeat.
There is, though, in the 21st Century, faster ways to test copy and ads, and that is by using the advertising venues available online. The most popular is Google's AdWords, those little ads on the right side of any Google search. By the way, I am getting nothing from Google by talking about this, but we've used it successfully and it is a good and potentially cost effective tool. In fact, I would recommend using it first to fine tune your approach before advertising in other venues because of the speed at which you can amalgamate data.
If you are in a category that will require local search, like window washing most likely will be, you can hone your AdWords campaigns into an area, say, like Tulsa, Oklahoma or Tacoma, Washington, telling Google to only show your ads in certain ZIP code areas. Once you've built a landing page and some ads directing potential clients that direction, now you can test ad headlines and landing page copy, using discount codes again to help people decide to call your company. After a month or two, now you can expand to magazines and newspapers, or even television.
Testing each venue will be important as well, but at some point, you should have discovered the "phrase that pays." That will be your headline for your trade show booth. Your graphics will direct the eye to your headline and maybe a tagline that has been working well for you. Of course, at a trade show, it is unlikely you're going to book many window washing jobs, but you will likely collect lots of leads, and it's up to your sales force to follow up on those leads.
I've been to trade shows and fairs where I filled out a ticket for a drawing, or several drawings, and maybe one person from one company actually followed up out of ten or more tickets filled out. If you don't follow up, the show can be a waste of time and money, but if you do, you can take the show to the bank for a short term boost in business, and some great long term clients that will stick with you for years and years.
It sounds like your company is already doing some things right, so take my advice above, and maybe read a book by one of the old direct marketing masters like Eugene Schwarz or the like, and good luck!
Check out more about customized graphics and displays you can use for your trade show booth at
Barry Brown has been in the Sign, Banner, Decal and Display Business for over 20 years. It isn't what he thought he'd do with his life, but he says he knows too much now to do anything else!
He has been marketing these products online since 1998, and the company he was general manager of in 1998 was the first sign company to be listed on Yahoo!
Barry is a great resource for information regarding Signs, Banners, Decals, and Displays, and is also an outstanding source of information on how to shop online without getting ripped off.
He invites you to visit his Facebook Page and check out more of his postings:

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5 Step Formula To Increase Your Productivity

How many hours are you spending a day to build your business? Are you counting them? So, what's the result? Whatever the result is, sure there is a way to get a better one!! Why am I saying it? Well the answer is pretty easy: Because there is ALWAYS a way do do things better!! Don't you think?

The fact is that you are an entrepreneur and not an employee, so instead of being paid for the time you work as an employee, you will be paid for the results.So your goal is not to make tings as long as you can, but the better you can.And if we act as smart entrepreneurs we may probably understand that if you invest time properly you will not only save time, but we can also spend that time to do more and more to increase your productivity!!

Lets take a look at our 5 Step Formula achieve a real smart entrepreneur mindset!

Only a 5 Step Formula to Start With, Nothing More

If you have understood the importance of being efficient and you want to achieve that result to increase your productivity here's the 5 Step Formula you have to master:

1. You must set goals, have you a plain?;
2. Use 60 minutes intervals to operate tasks;
3. 90% of time in MMA (Money Makeing Activities);
4. Don't try to be multitasking, it is counterproductive;
5. Avoid distractions.

So lets start with goals!! You probably have a goal, and this goal is to make money right? Well, we are not speaking of this kind of goals. We are speaking of targets on a time base.  You need a plain and you must setup targets for every month, every week or even everyday. Are you going to setup a blog for example? How long will it take? A week? Perfect, this is one of your targets and you need to do that!! Your blog will give you money if it's setup right? So the first you do that, the first you will earn!!

Then for our 5 Step Formula plain all the tasks on a daily base and divide all of them in 60 minutes intervals. For example plain to do facebook for an hour an then the following hour do some prospects. Try to group the same tasks so if you need 3 hours a day to call your prospects do it for 3 hour consecutelly. As humans, chainging tasks required at least 20 minutes to a full immersion so if you facebook 3 hours a day and do it one hour on the morning, one on afternoon and one on evening you will lose 60 minutes for nothing!!

Focus on MMA. Email ar not MMA!! So don't look at your email every 10 minutes because you are losing time for nothing. Do it twice per day, one in the morning and one in the evening, not more!! And don't write someone giant paragraph, a couple of sentences are enough. At least 30 minutes per day. And remember, MMA  are: Generating Traffic and Prospecting!!

Next for the 5 Step Formula don't be multitasking. We are not wery well on multitasking. So if you are creating a post, start and finish it without twitter on the middle.Focus on only one task at time or it's no use. Also, consider that multitasking operations tend to make you lose IQ. Not a joke.

Last, absolutely, avoid distractions. Is not an hobby, is a work and you need to do it well if you want results. So close your cell, don't sing for nothing, don't think about your lover, ect... Be on focus!! It's for your future so don't let anyone or anything waste it!!

This is all about the basics that our 5 Step Formula provide us and if you follow this formula you sure are going to do better than now and you will Increase Your Productivity!! (Remember to  relax 10 minutes every hour, is for your health).

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Copywriting Tips To Improve Your Online Business

Once an entrepreneur has taken the bull by the horns and started his or her own home based business, the time has begun to tackle all of the little tasks that go along with it.  One of these-- and one that some people seem to fear more than many others --is copywriting.  Tips for creating effective copy for your company's Internet presence can only help you to manage a better and more effective interface with clients and other businesses. 

After all, let's face it, in the modern business world it is most often the copy on your website that is read first.

Create Copy That Interacts With People

The first task in writing good copy for your website is to make the content seem interesting and lively.  So much of what people read on the Internet can be dry as melba toast, and it can actually help your cause to make your information just a little bit blustery, just to keep things lively.

Using hyperbole to make a point is not a bad decision-- in fact, it can add to the readability of your text.  In addition, you will want the reader to feel that he or she is being spoken with, directly.  The best way to manage this is to use the word "YOU" as opposed to referring to things in the third person (they, he, she, etc.).  Once the potential client feels directly addressed in your content, he or she may be less likely to click away from the information before completing it.

Start (And Deliver) With A Bang

Any copy that needs to reach the clientele will need to have a hook, so it is a good idea to never underestimate the power of a good headline.  Yes, it is the shortest part of your copy… but it is also the segment that will determine whether most potential clients ever even decide to look at the rest of the content.

Find the most important part of what you are trying to tell the customer, and LEAD them into it with the headline.  From that point, once you have their attention, you can use your interactive writing to keep them occupied.  Most experts agree that copy on your website should generally be written at about an 8th grade reading level, so as to make the content accessible to a wide variety of potential customers.

Don't Stop Writing!

Some people feel very uncomfortable with writing their own copy, while others have a definite knack for it.  Even if it doesn't seem to come as easily, one of the best things that you can do for the sake of your company's website is to keep writing copy for it.

You may not even use all of it, and you may only use your own copy for certain elements of the business, but it will help to give you ownership of your company… and it will definitely lead you to become a better copywriter at the same time.  Most importantly, it places the stamp of your written personality there for the client to interact with.

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The utility of Live meeting software for the Pro Business companies

Our life has become easier with the advancement in the various technologies we have all around. Major areas where we can find the technological development is, with the cars, electronic gadgets such computer and various software's and many more. Although, there are so many areas where technology has lend its hand but for now, it's time to know more about live meeting and its utility in the business world. India is developing fast with its business, to quote J S Shin, CEO of Samsung said, "India is our fastest growing market". This is just a little example about the potential of the Indian Business. India is linked with many international companies and the company authority needs to meet for important discussion.

In order to carry on with the unending important business meetings with international companies, there is a solution. The Live meeting is the solution, by using this software both the companies and many more can carry out any vital meetings. This method of web conferencing has its own advantages. The live meeting software is provided by Epitome Solutions. We have been helping various companies by providing some of the best software which helps to carry on with online conferencing feature.

Main benefits you will get by using The Live meeting software

Often there is a problem with the online internet services but the best thing of Epitome Solutions is that, they have solutions for all types of internet connection. And like all the other web conferencing software, live meeting allows easy access with the opportunity to interact live and share important documents.

The audio and video services of the software are flawless and ensure easy communication. But all one is need is a stable internet connection through computer or even phone. The live meeting software is capable of locating the firewall configurations and thereby selecting the most reliable platform for a specified configuration.  The software saves the huge cost of travel expense. Through the software the participants can share their slides and other ideas without any complications.

The unending features

The software runs on the following platforms such as, UNIX, Solaris, Windows, Linux and Macintosh. The users can collaborate and discuss with their clients about important matters. The audio video recording feature helps to review and see the conference in case of emergency. Over all the software provides all that a Pro company needs to carry on with important meetings, and act smartly about the investment issues.

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The Basic Keys to Establishing a Successful Restaurant

Even before an aspiring culinary entrepreneur decides to put on paper his or her business plans, the statistics he or she will face may not be too promising: 9 out of 10 new restaurants fold in their first year. Shown this grim reality, many will be discouraged in pursuing their vision – or worse, give up on their chosen career.

If you're really intent on starting a new eatery, you need to think of the long-term. However, banking on a sizeable seed capital may not be enough to oil your machine in the long run. When you want your startup restaurant to succeed, you have to make sure that you'll ace in the following areas:


The fact of the matter is that restaurants don't earn a lot from individual sales. Nevertheless a meagre profit margin may be enough to keep the place afloat or to afford them a state-of-the-art bakery equipment in a few months. For that profit to be realised, one has to manage costs that usually come from food and labour. One way to accomplish this is to reinforce serving sizes or send home employees when business is slow.


People come to your restaurant for this reason and if you don't do well in serving them a dish that's worth paying for, don't expect your eatery to thrive. While this doesn't mean that you have your fastfood chain serve a dish with 4-star quality, you still have to prepare them something that tastes good. In most cases, giving them anything substandard can spread the wrong kind of word-of-mouth – essentially sending your restaurant to its doom.


In reality, going to a restaurant isn't simply a gastronomic experience. It should be a feast for the senses. Indeed, every successful restaurant boast about having an environment that suits the menu they serve and the customers they wish to attract.

When you plan to run a place for fine dining, make sure your restaurant offers upscale food that matches its elegant ambience. If you want to run a pizzeria that aims to attract teens or young adults, go for a stylish, colourful, and modern atmosphere that should match their avant-garde expectations.

Staff and Customer Service

Without efficient managers and cooperative employees, your restaurant can come to a grinding halt. Of course, you or any aspiring chefs don't want that. In order for your eatery to compete with other more established names, your workforce needs to operate at a high level. Poor service and a lack of attention to detail can usually result into poor sales.

However, simply hiring qualified individuals won't suffice in bringing in capable workers. You, as the owner, should also ensure that your kitchen is sufficiently equipped with dishwashers, ovens, food preparation tools, refrigerators, and other essential cooking apparatus so your employees will have everything they need to fulfil their individual functions effectively. 

Running a restaurant may be no walk in the park but being able to focus your energy on the essentials can keep your eye on the primary goal no matter the circumstances.

In the end, there's only one thing you need to remind yourself: do everything in your power to keep your customers happy and you can be confident that they'll keep patronising your restaurant.

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Starting an Online Dating Business ? Important Things to Keep in Mind

Everyone knows that online dating is picking up real fast. Dating sites are pretty much like social networking sites where you get to meet people, dating sites cater more specifically to people who are out to make romantic connections. Whether they are out trying to find a soulmate or just a date, people can have loads of fun signing up at a dating website. And lots of people do sign up! This type of website surely generates lot of traffic. So, if you want to start your own online dating website, what should you do?

Create your own profile in other online dating websites

Create your own profile in other online dating websites just to check out what goes on in the other popular dating websites, browse through postings in other personals website. Now its the time to earn money online for you.

Decide on how you want to do up your e-dating site

Couple of ways are available that you can use to create your matchmaking system for your online dating site. The cheapest method is to join other people's affiliate programs as this allows you to promote another website that is already established and have many members in their database. You can also decide to buy online dating software, and then customize the look and feel of the software to fit your requirements.

Create USP for your website

What sets your new online dating website different from the other millions of online dating sites out there? USP is the unique selling point. Even a pet shop owner competing with other retailers in a local brick and mortar market also needs a USP. So, you should create innovate component or tool in your dating website, and which becomes your USP and sets you apart from others.

Web Hosting

Your website cannot be accessed by anybody unless you buy space from a web host. Web hosts provides you with space on their server and connectivity, too. Web hosting can also be bundled with site building and design.

For more marketing strategies, information and comprehensive tips, register for the i Date Dating Business Learning Study Course, a six week video course on starting an online dating business.

The series offers an introduction to the dating business, choosing dating software, web site marketing and mobile dating. The course also includes a 2-Day Pass to iDate 2014 January 14-16th in Las Vegas. For more information, register on

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Bounce Back or Avoid Small Business Failure - Secrets to Small Business Savings and Bouncing Back From Failure

Why You're Here

Your business may be falling to bits and pieces, slowly, but surely, as you read this article right now. I hope this is not the case, matter of fact, I am the kind of person who wishes the best to all small business owners because I for an instance, knows what it is like to see your business crash slowly but surely. The fact of the matter is, it is not your fault, you do not know everything that is out there which you can be doing right now that will potentially save you thousands and your business its life.

What's Likely happening to You

If you had not known this, 90% of businesses fail within the first twelve months of start-up. The number one cause for small businesses going under is the high operating costs. The business term is overhead, either way, overhead/operating costs are a killer. They wait patiently, stalking you and your business for the moment you become most vulnerable and it attacks you viciously without remorse gutting the very lifeblood of your business - your cash, your hard earned money. It threatens you as you decide which investments to make for your business - so that it may flourish into the successful empire you have always imagined it would be - with higher costs with each decision, your resources are running thin, your business is not on the track you wanted it to be but it has your money on ransom. The vicious cycle of invest to reap without reaping to make another investment in order to reap does not seem to stop. The end result, you end up broke, and your business goes under. However, by the grace of who ever it is you believe in, a beacon of hope shined down upon the darkened fields of business failure and revealed a solution. And I have it right here stated in this article. Hallelujah!

Here it is

What you have to do is quite simple. You may know this, (in which if you do, you should find yourself a really hard rock and fall on it face first because you waited until the last moment to save your business) or you may not know this, but there are memberships you can apply for that will not only include massive cuts to your businesses operating costs, but it will also pay you in return! I assure you this is no lie. I do not have the guts to lie to you about such a thing.

Insider Memberships

These memberships will give you access to products and services which not only guarantee you incredible savings. But because you have them and will be using them to run your business you will be paying yourself! In other words, you simply become a customer of your own. Thanks to the incredible power of the internet, you can go online right now and search membership savings and you will find a variety of special savings you can incur right now.


If you are a business owner with retail space, then you will definitely want to consider additional ways to first off, cut your essential costs. Namely, your gas & electricity bill. If you had not known this, one of the highest expenses, if not the highest expense is the utility bill. There are services out there that can reduce your utility costs by up to 20% after you made a 100% efficiency switch and after you have had audits and experts come in, assuming you have already taken those steps of course.

Use the Right Equipment

There are other simple steps you can take to reducing this heavy cost. You can reduce your 100 watts to 60 watt fluorescent, this is an upfront average cost of $37 but over the course of the year can save you up to $157 per year or more, depending on how many bulbs you swap.

Commonly Regulate the Temperature in Your Environment

If you already have high-tech thermostats installed, being sure to pay attention to setting appropriate timers can cause up to 15% of additional savings. You may also want to take a look into going green, this will total up to an additional 8% of savings. Assuming you do everything right, you can incur savings totaled up to nearly 40% on likely your highest operating cost!

Although this is specifically meant to help you to cut arguably one of your most expensive operating cost, you can easily take these tips home and do the same, potentially doubling your gains, hence doubling your breathing space. Whether you decide to take this extra created money to spend on leisure or even make that investment for your business which you could not afford earlier is up to you.

However, if you are going to make another investment for your business you may want to consider all of your options, you do not want to end up where you were before your made these excellent changes to your business or home, or even both for that matter. or that would put you up a creek I personally prefer to stay out and away from, I only help others to do the same.

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How the e-invoicing works

Electronic Invoicing helps the people to leave their live easier compared to when they use paper based or manual based processes because the system is modern, secure, automated and simple.  It is the best way that people are embracing to do their businesses. With the e-invoice, you can reduce the complexity of the account payable and account receivable process while handling all the sales and purchasing the invoices using only one provider. You will also be able to have a better relationship with your suppliers and customers since the e-invoicing may enable greater profits for all the involved parties.

The electronic billing system is sending the invoice and payment electronically. The e-invoice has two parts which are the image and data components.  The reason to have the e-invoice data is to enable the customers and the business to access to the same information at once. If you are not sure if it is the right decision to start using the e-invoice, you have to know that you can start to save if you use e-invoice. This is because you can easily get rid of the time consuming manual process that involves keying, scanning, mailing, filling of the envelopes, printing on letterhead and keeping the invoice data. When you get the e-invoice software, you will be able to use a more efficient and faster method while reducing the errors and time taken to fill the manual work.  You will also be able to get greater control and visibility over the cash flow and the money you spend.

However, you have to know that the e-invoicing is not that simple. You will find out that there is no standard format that can be used for all the invoices. The customers and the suppliers may have different needs and the methods that they would like to receive and to send their invoices. Another problem is that the legislation about the electronic billing may differ from one country to another. To make sure that you can solve the problem of invoicing, you have to hire the people who are expert in invoicing software or you can outsource the services from the provider of electronic invoicing.

 Now many governments are making sure that there is the regulation that govern the digital invoicing via data format or CFDI (comprobante Fiscal Digital a traves de Internet).  Sending or issuing of the invoice under this law requires the person to use the CFDI format since the construction and the issuance of invoices have to undergo the steps that are recognized globally.  The invoice has to be generated using the system which will not exactly the time that it had been generated. The senders for the digital invoice may have to posses the digital certificate that has been approved by a required authority such as PAC. The authority in charge, after making sure that the invoice meets all the regulation, it will add the unique certificate number on the invoice. The authority may have to report the creation of the invoice within 72 hours.

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Letterheads - For Making an Impact on First Impressions!

Normally letterheads are considered to be simple office stationery that has the contact details of the organization printed on it. But the same piece of stationery can bring about a strong impact in the market simply by using it as a source of passing information. There are two ways letters are usually sent nowadays and they are the hard copy sent via a post or courier and the other is the soft copy sent via the email on the internet. In both cases the letterhead is used and hence it should reflect the organization sending It In a good light and also make an Impression on the receiver.

Firstly it must be understood that the software facturacio helps to establish the identity of the corporate or organization sending it. So an important factor here is that it should have all the information that is necessary to make an impression especially if it is being sent for the first time to the receiver, the impact should be even more powerful. Entrepreneurs and businessmen market their business mainly through such methods as using letterheads and business cards. Today with everything going digital even the letterhead is sent through the digital media and hence marketing techniques are put in place in the process.

Secondly the information that the software facturacio carries about the company or organization must be adequately attractive and eye catching so as to capture the attention of the receiver. Hence sufficient care must be given to the information that is provided on the top of the letterheads. One of the important components that must be present on it includes the company logo. The logo should not be too large to be blatant that it distracts the attention from the other information on it. And it should not be too small to be inconspicuous making the reader miss It out completely. The size of the logo Is Important and should be just right so that It attracts the attention at the same time does not allow the person reading your letter or mail to be distracted by it.

Another important component is the tag line that the company has after its brand name. This tag line is important and must be printed on the stationery and in fact must be visible enough to the reader of the mail or letter. The attractive tag line that is Innovative In the usage of words has been seen as a great marketing technique today.

The presence of alt the contact details should be mandatorily mentioned in the letterhead and this is important for the business to progress. A carefully designed software facturacio can do wonders for your business and it is actually quite inexpensive in comparison to the cost of marketing and advertisements are taken into account. An effective brand building method for any company is a properly laid out letter head and today this is one of the cheapest methods implemented In brand buliding.

The bottom line Is that the letterhead Is an Important piece of stationery for any organization not only to communicate Information but also to promote the company, its people, its products and services and above all its goodwill.

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British Parliament's straight shooter taking on big business

Margaret Hodge has become well-known in Britain for taking on the likes of Google for creative accounting methods. It's 'the wrong side of ethics,' she says.

She's been called the scourge of big business, and some other choice appellations.
Margaret Hodge, a senior member of the British Parliament, has become well-known here for taking on the likes of Google, Starbucks and Amazon in her crusade against companies that use creative accounting methods to minimize their tax bills.
As head of Parliament's high-profile Public Accounts Committee, she has presided over hearings in Britain similar to the ones in Congress this year, at which big-name executives have been forced to defend the way they set up elaborate schemes to move money around and thereby avoid taxes — all of it within the law.
Hodge's blunt language in raking the companies over the coals and, some say, her theatrics have made her a colorful and oft-quoted figure.
"We're not accusing you of being illegal. We're accusing you of being immoral," she told a Google executive called before her panel.
In another widely publicized exchange, Hodge accused the Internet giant of flouting its own motto of "Don't be evil," declaring: "I think that you do do evil, in that you use smoke and mirrors to avoid paying tax."
The daughter of a wealthy steel magnate, Hodge, 69, has served as a Labor Party member of Parliament since 1994, representing a deprived area of London. She spoke to The Times in her office overlooking the Thames.
Is trying to lower your tax bill, whether you're a person or a corporation, by itself unethical?
You have to have common-sense judgment on where the boundary lies between acceptable and sensible tax planning and unacceptable and immoral tax avoidance. We all buy into a contract with society … in which you agree through democracy to give from your means to the common purse, for the common good. We all have a duty to do that, whether you're a corporation or whether you're a high-worth individual....
Avoiding tax appears, in some instances, among some corporations, to have become a new profit center. Deliberately seeking out loopholes to avoid tax by using the law in a way that Parliament never intended seems to me the wrong side of ethics.
The companies called before your committee have mostly been American ones, such as Google, Amazon and Starbucks. Are you singling out American companies, or do you feel that American companies are particularly egregious offenders?
It wasn't deliberate. We could've gone after lots [of others]. They're global....
All my committee can do is shine a light on these issues, spark a public debate, raise the issues, and I think we've done that effectively around the tax-avoidance issue. But we don't have any powers. We're not part of the executive; we're part of the legislature.
You've accused Google of being immoral and doing evil. Do you still think that's the case?
It was their own motto; I turned their motto on themselves. So it wasn't that I was actually thinking, "I'm going to call you evil." I think they are not true to their motto.
Are you worried that more aggressive tax collection will scare off businesses, and therefore jobs, from Britain during such a tough economic time?
This is not an anti-business agenda; this is a pro-fairness agenda…. I want Britain to be truly competitive, and I want there to be a level playing field for competition, not one where tax avoiders have a price advantage because they avoid paying their rightful contribution based on their profits.
If you have a situation where John Lewis [a well-known British department store] can't avoid [taxes] because they're a UK-based company with UK jobs, or your small corner coffee shop or your community-based bookshop can't compete because they can't exploit in an aggressive way the tax rules to avoid paying tax and therefore cut their prices, actually you're damaging competition, you're damaging British industry, and you're damaging British jobs....
The race to the bottom on tax rates is not the way you sustain inward investment in your economy.
Exploiting tax loopholes is possible only because the tax code is full of them and incredibly complicated. Isn't the onus on lawmakers to solve that rather than the companies?
Partly, but I don't know how people would feel if we removed every tax [break]....
There's an onus on us, and the first onus is [to] simplify. But it is difficult. If you want to do something for the economy, what's better: Use tax relief or a grant regime? A grant regime involves government choosing winners, and government's not good at that. Tax relief opens you to avoidance abuse, and that's bad. It's a right difficult policy issue, and I understand that, but I think we need to expose it to greater public debate.
Why has the issue of tax avoidance become such a hot topic now, when presumably such practices have been going on for years?
Hard times. People are struggling. Public expenditure is being cut; public services are being cut. Most people pay their tax dutifully and can't even think about avoiding tax, so that makes them particularly angry....
The tax gap has gone up in the UK: 35 billion pounds [uncollected].... You're talking megabucks. You can get that money in and keep teachers' jobs and nurses' jobs. That matters to people. And I think it just offends people's sense of fairness.
Have governments been too easy on big corporations and on cutting tax deals, including when your own party was in power?
Yup. I think we've been frightened of companies. We went for the short-term sweetheart deal because that got a bit of money in rather than ensuring that everyone pays whatever is due.
If I were a multinational business, I'd walk into Downing Street and say, "You be tough on me and I'll leave." The reality is that they won't. Just imagine if Google got out of the UK market, and that allowed a competitor to develop....
I know that capital is very promiscuous, but I don't think they'll up sticks and move around the world every time a tax rate changes.
Your parliamentary committee and congressional committees in the U.S. have had high-profile hearings on tax avoidance. But have you actually achieved any changes?
We've brought more transparency to the world, haven't we? We haven't conquered the Googles of this world, but I think we will.... They may feel at the moment they're untouchable, but look at other Internet [companies]. Just think Microsoft. Where are they now, and where were they 10 to 15 years ago? You're not there forever.
Reputation matters. I stopped using Amazon because of their tax policies.
Do you use Google?
I have to at the moment. It's impossible not to. I'd love not to.
People have described you as a highly theatrical performer in Parliament; someone's even called you an actress. Do you mind or agree with that assessment?
I always think politicians are failed actors and actresses. There's an element of truth in that....
My job is to give voice to the ordinary taxpayer. If you want to connect politics back with people, you've got to be not where we are in our Westminster village; you've got to be where they are. So the language I use, the directness of my questions — it's not theatrical, but if there's any deliberate intent behind it, it's to really think you're there representing the ordinary taxpayer.

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Use a card, lose your privacy?

A prescription drug discount company insists that one of its parent firms, a marketing company, won't sell your personal info if you use its drugstore card. But its legal language suggests otherwise.

"Good news — you've been accepted!" the letter says. "Get up to 75% off when you use these free cards at your favorite pharmacy!"
Enclosed are two plastic cards from National Prescription Savings Network that include personal "member identification numbers" and the pledge that "you will not be turned down for a pre-existing condition."
The cards are "pre-activated and ready to use immediately," the letter says. "They entitle you — and every member of your family — to discounts on every FDA-approved prescription medication sold at pharmacies everywhere in the United States."
A sweet deal, right? When a colleague shared the letter and cards he'd received, my first reaction was that there had to be a sneaky catch.
But when I stopped in at both a CVS and a Walgreens branch to ask the pharmacists what they knew of the program, I was told that the cards apparently work, though it may be a stretch to expect a 75% discount.
The pharmacists said they see various discount cards, which typically provide a price reduction that's less than what you'd get with insurance but about 10% off the full retail price. In other words, they could be helpful for the 50 million people without health coverage.
So what is National Prescription Savings Network and how does it do what it does?
Answering those questions, I discovered, raised a host of new questions that should give any consumer pause before using these cards.
First of all, good luck getting these guys on the phone. When I called the number for National Prescription Savings Network given on the letter and the different number on the company's website, I heard a lengthy recording that detailed the workings of the program.
National Prescription Savings Network's card works like a coupon, the recording said. "We will never sell or share your personal information with anyone," it said.
To speak with a customer service rep, you're prompted at the end of the recording to press 7. Both times I did so, the call was immediately disconnected.
The letter to card recipients includes an address in Overland Park, Kan. The address is that of a business park with a variety of tenants in the building.
Dan Strausbaugh, a lawyer who said he's had an office there for more than 10 years, checked the building's directory for me. He said there's no listing for National Prescription Savings Network.
The website for National Prescription Savings Network includes a link at the very bottom to a New York company called ScriptRelief, which also offers discount cards.
Ed McCabe, a spokesman for ScriptRelief, told me the two companies are one and the same.
He said ScriptRelief operates under a variety of names, including National Prescription Savings Network, U.S. Prescription Discounts, RxRelief and HelpRx. Additional names, he said, are being developed.
"In order to maximize market share, we're always looking for brands that resonate with different groups of people," McCabe explained.
One brand that you won't find on the websites of ScriptRelief or its various aliases is Loeb Enterprises. That's the New York marketing company that co-owns ScriptRelief with a company called Catamaran, which specializes in negotiating drug prices with pharmacies.
Loeb Enterprises and ScriptRelief, according to their websites, share the same Fifth Avenue address.
McCabe, a former Loeb Enterprises executive, said the Kansas address used by National Prescription Savings Network actually belongs to an affiliate of Catamaran named InPharmative. He said InPharmative forwards mail to ScriptRelief's New York office.
ScriptRelief makes its money by receiving "a few dollars" from drugstores for every transaction involving its cards, McCabe said. Pharmacies apparently are betting that they'll still come out ahead by getting new customers through the door.
McCabe insisted that even though ScriptRelief is co-owned by a marketing company, it doesn't sell or share card users' personal information. "That's absolutely not how we make money," he said.
The ScriptRelief privacy policy, however, tells a different story. It says that "we may share your information with other companies whose products and services may be of interest to you."
"We may share your information with our other businesses and affiliated companies," it also says. "We may combine the information that we collect from you with information that you provide to us in connection with your use of our other products, services and websites, or information we collect from third parties."
I pointed this out to McCabe. He said the privacy-policy language was there just for legal reasons.
"Marketing attorneys are funny like that," he said.
They are. Yet ScriptRelief's privacy policy clearly gives the company — and, by extension, Loeb Enterprises — the ability to profit from people's personal information.

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