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Keys to Good Advertising - Grabbing a Customer's Attention

Let's look at some reasons why your message may not be getting the attention of your customers and prospective customers.
Living in an Instantaneous World
Speed is what rules our lives these days and consequently we have little time to get our message across. In fact we have just a few seconds to grab our customer's or prospective customer's attention when sending out our marketing newsletters by email. In view of this short time frame it is essential to structure your newsletters so as to enable the reader to clearly see the main features of the message without having to spend too much time on 'the fine print' so to speak. The important factor is to get the interest of the reader and if they decide that this is something they are interested in, they will take time to read the entire message.
Tips on how to get your newsletter read
  • Start your message with a great title that will grab the reader's attention.
  • Ensure that your title will be relevant to the content in your message.
  • A good way to write a title is to ask a question such as: What is... Where are... When will...
  • Another idea for a title is using numbers such as: 5 Great Ways to... 7 Ideas for... 10 Tips on how...
  • Spend some time on researching how successful people use titles. Before you make a final decision on your title, write down a list of 6 or 8 versions of what you think is a good title to use for your newsletter; leave the list for 2 or 3 hours, then review and make a final decision on the title you will use for that newsletter.
  • Formatting the message is vitally important. This includes the font that you use; make sure that it is clear and easy to read.
  • Divide your content into small paragraphs of no more than 3 sentences. Large paragraphs crammed with text will turn your reader off.
  • Where appropriate, use subheadings relevant to a paragraph or group of paragraphs.
What's In It for Them
Be sure to identify the benefit you are providing for your customer. Whether it is a product or a service that you are selling, always keep in mind that the customer will be looking for the benefit they will receive by choosing to purchase what you are offering. Make good decisions about your use of words so that your customer is left with no doubt that they will receive a genuine benefit.
Clarity of Content
To ensure that your customer or prospective customer understands exactly what your message is, be concise with your content. Don't turn your reader off with ambiguity.
Ensure credibility of your business
To ensure your business credibility it is essential that your newsletter content is grammatically correct and totally free of spelling or punctuation errors. It is wise to have the content proofread by a professional proofreader; alternatively by someone who is known to be skilled in the usage of correct punctuation.
Last but Not Least
Does your business provide a guarantee? If so, be sure to include a guarantee logo in all of your newsletters, in addition to your statement of guarantee. Also ensure that your guarantee is included in your website.
Valerie J Smith is the owner/director of the virtual secretarial service 'Your Secretary's Office Limited'. We offer a service of Proofreading and Editing of documents, including PhD Thesis, Dissertations, Manuscripts, Books, e-Books and other documents. An outsourcing service is offered to businesses requiring administration assistance in the areas of typing, word processing, data entry and other miscellaneous services.Valerie has a strong background in administration having worked at a boarding school for several years and being responsible not only for general administration but also overseeing Health & Safety matters, coordination of general building maintenance and finance. For further information you are invited to visit our website or email

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